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I am a 40-ish Mother of 3, wife of 1, sister, daughter, friend.  I’ve always had a love of literature. I remember though it truly began when my neighbour bought me The BFG for my Birthday, I was 8/9. I still have that copy now and have read it to 2/3 of the offspring.   I had a good English Literature teacher – Mrs. Munroe and gained a C grade Eng Lit GCSE – something I didn’t achieve in any other subject.  I’m was not the most studious of children and have since had to re-take my Maths GCSE for work and discovered I have Dyscalculia – hence my struggles I guess.

But a love of words has always stayed with me and so now my children are of full-time school age, I have a little more time to indulge my interests, (around theirs) and go to Literary events run by local bookshops, literary festivals and book signings and talks and of course, read!

I’m lucky enough to live near Oxford – home of many authors it turns out – Blackwell’s Bookshop holds evening events and book signings.  As does Waterstones and Mostly Books in Abingdon is also a favorite haunt of mine that holds author events too.

Middle child is an avid bookworm too – we have always read to them and encourage them to pick up a book, it calms the mind and takes you to other places.  So we have been to meet Cressida Cowell at Blackwell’s.

So, basically – If I’m not on the school run, at work, or doing the usual Mundane parental tasks of taxiing, feeding etc – I’m reading.

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The Deaths of December


The Deaths of December by Susi Holliday

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Brilliant – Susi Holliday gets it right, again.

Read this over December, as part of an online book group and it was great.

Character,storyline, twisty ending – superb!

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