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Eye For Eye by J.K.Franko #Blogtour

Eye for Eye

Leave no singing bones…Roy and Susie are on a skiing holiday, trying to take a break from the constant reminders of their daughter, tragically killed by a careless driver. Out of the blue they meet Deb and Tom, another couple with a tragic past and a shocking proposal to put things right.As the bodies accumulate, secrets are revealed and alliances crumble. Ultimate survival depends on following the rules for a perfect murder. And the first rule is… leave no singing bones.

If someone hurt the one you love,what would YOU do?

The controversial, edge-of-your-seat thriller by J.K. Franko, the NEW master of crime

A dark, intelligent and thoroughly inventive thriller about hard justice, cold revenge and how to commit the perfect murder.

A fast-paced modern noir, full of twists and surprises, that asks the question: Are we all capable of murder under the right circumstances?

EYE FOR EYE is the first book in an engrossing new series and the lead title for new publisher Talion Publishing. Two more titles, TOOTH FOR TOOTH and LIFE FOR LIFE will be published over the next 12 months.

The Author:

J.K. FRANKO was born and raised in Texas. His Cuban-American parents agreed there were only three acceptable options for a male child: doctor, lawyer, and architect. After a disastrous first year of college pre-Med, he ended up getting a BA in philosophy (not acceptable), then he went to law school (salvaging the family name) and spent many years climbing the big law firm ladder. After ten years, he decided that law and family life weren’t compatible. He went back to school where he got an MBA and pursued a PhD. He left law for corporate America, with long stints in Europe and Asia.

His passion was always to be a writer. After publishing a number of non-fiction works, thousands of hours writing, and seven or eight abandoned fictional works over the course of eighteen years,
EYE FOR EYE became his first published novel.

J.K. Franko now lives with his wife and children in Florida.


Where do I start? Wow – this book has such an in-depth and detailed storyline that its hard to begin to explain – not in a bad or do not bother way – but in a way that shows great research has gone into it. JK Franko either clearly has spent a lot of time boating in Florida, or he has used his time and energy researching everything to do with boating, tides, and depths of the Florida Straits. And boy, does it pay off – it’s fast-paced and pulls on the emotional heartstrings, anyone with children can empathaise with how the parents are feeling and that justice and or revenge would clearly always be in the back of their minds.

The plot line is magnificent – such attention to detail and twists can only come from someone who has experience of law (which we know JK Franko does) and also the knowledge of how to get around it. The chapters jump between the main characters lives – Roy, Susie, Deb, Tom, Joe, and the detectives investigating, then a third person – who holds the key to all the information gathered during the book.

Deb & Susie met at summer camp and its great until Joan Dias is found, dead. Its decided it was a tragic accident. But the girls are taken home by their parents, they keep in touch by letter and met up over the years to come. Sometimes by accident, sometimes not.

Their friendship is tested when Susie’s daughter Camilla, is killed in a tragic car crash, from a negligent driver. Susie is trying to come to terms with Camilla’s death by doing advocacy work, but she doesn’t feel its enough. She wants more. Mysteriously, the driver dies too, despite his earlier prognosis.

Deb and Tom Wise’s daughter Kristy was raped, by the Senators son, Joe Harlan Jnr. He goes missing – his body is never found, but there’s proof that shows he’s dead. Who killed him though. Well, that’s Detective Garza’s job to figure it all out and he does it well.

Nothing is ever proven but the Police know these four are involved.

But how?

Without giving more information or too many spoilers – which I don’t want to do, I can’t say much more – other than this is a must for anyone who enjoys crime/thriller and the thrill of the chase. This is real detective work, if you can piece this together, wow – you’re good! This is a trilogy of books, Eye for Eye is Book 1 of three – Tooth for Tooth is out Halloween 2019 and then Life for Life follows in 2020. JK Franko is one to watch and hot property as this is a great debut novel.

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