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Headline – New Voices 2019 Bath Event 24th Jan 2019

I couldn’t miss out on this – a mere 1/2 hour train journey away from me in Bath

Thank you, Becky Hunter, for sending me the invite to attend. What a great event it was. Six fabulous new debut authors with their glorious new books to introduce to the world.

Emily, Harriet, Sarah, Richard, Rhik and Dominic – debuting their books

A great evening and opportunity to meet the people of Twitter, from publicists to fellow Bloggers and all six authors, to chat about their books – how and why they’ve written them. Harriet, for instance, was a Barrister in London for over 10 years, so is well qualified to write in legal terminology and how the legal system works.

Becky Hunter (in the most amazing heels!) makes introductions of authors & books

Finally, meeting fellow Tweeters is funny, as you introduce yourself by name – like you normally would, and there’s a bit of a look, as if to say – ok. Then you say “I’m @W@readnow, book blogger, we tweeted yesterday” and they say, “oh yes, I know!” So, several tequilas later…. (not me, I had to drive home after my train ride) a great launch into the world for these authors and their books.

The books, in order of publication date:

The Six Loves of Billy Bins – Richard Lumsden

How would it feel to fall in love one last time?

If you were looking back over 100 years of your life, what would you change?

A wonderfully quirky, honest and heartfelt debut novel for any reader of Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine or The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry.

Becky said “Billy Binns is a protagonist in a very emotional, cheering Book. You feel like you know Billy from reading this

Published on 24th January 2019

Blood Orange – Harriet Tyce

Made my night, that I got to meet Harriet and talk to her about #BloodOrange

An electrifying debut thriller for fans of Apple Tree Yard and Anatomy of a Scandal – introducing a stunning new voice in psychological suspense.

‘A classy thriller with complex and compelling characters’ Clare Mackintosh

Becky reports “Its gripping, prepare to be shocked”

Alison has it all. A husband, adorable daughter, and a career on the rise. And her first Murder case to defend. But all is not what it seems.

Alison drinks too much, neglects her family and is having an affair.

Someone knows and won’t stop until she’s lost everything.

Due to published 21st February 2019

Last Ones Left Alive – Sarah Davis Goff

Last Ones Left Alive is the unputdownable debut novel from SD-G, sure to grip readers of dystopian literary fiction such as Station 11 or The End We Start From.

Based on Slanberg, an island off the west coast of Ireland, Orpen is faced with a dilemma – Kill her own Mother – or try and get help.

Off Orpen goes in the hope of finding a cure on a journey that will test her limits, who she really is, who she really loves and how to imagine a future in a world that ended before she was born.

Due to be published on 7th March 2019

Past Life – Dominic Nolan

A Policewamn suffering amnesia must find the truth about her own violent kidnapping in a thrilling crime debut as darkly fripping as Susie Steiners Missing Presumed and BBC’s Happy Valley

Waking up beside the dead girl, she couldn’t remember anything. Who She was. Who had taken her. How to escape.

Becky Hunter – rates this as “one of the most original thrillers she’s read for some time – Does she want to Remember?”

Due to be Published on 7th March 2019

The Girl in the Letter – Emily Gunnis

A Page-turning, nail-biting, and heartwarming novel that combines mystery and suspense with a strong emotional core.

A heartbreaking letter. A girl locked away. A mystery to be solved.

1956 Ivy Jenkins is sent in disgrace to St Margret’s a dark brooding. house for unmarried mothers. Her baby adopted against her will. Ivy never leaves.

present day, Samantha discovers a spate of unexplained deaths, and has only hours to piece together the mystery before St Margarets is deomolished.

“An emotional, moving thriller” says Becky

Due to be Published 4th April 2019

I never Said I Loved You – Rhik Samadder

Due to an August publication date – no proofs have as yet been printed.

A uniquely funny, vital and moving debut work by a powerful new voice in non-fiction.

Becky sites this as being “An Emotional mental health memoir that’s laugh out loud funny”

Depression has weighed Rhik down so he seizes the opportunity: to own it, to understand it and to find out where it came from

Healing and recovery, shocking truths, bringing depression into the light, without succumbing to it. Humour and honesty, powerfully rich, funny and poignant exploration of the light and dark in all of us.

Due for publication 8th August 2019

Again I’d like to express my thanks to all at Headline Publishing Group for such a great evening. Becky Hunter, Phoebe Swinburn & Georgina Moore for organising such a fabulous event.

And my apologies for taking so long to blog about this event properly. I was busy reading #BloodOrange – and oh my its just brilliant! Sublime, compelling, superbly written, juicy and that twist – WOW! Must read of 2019 people, must read. I defy anyone not to read and like it. Alsion may have it all, for now. Theres always someone who wants it all, but its almost impossible to achive, without consequences.

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