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I.G.I.S.T – L.S. Larson Blog tour

I’d like to extend my thanks to Anne Cater – for including us in this Blog tour. I say ‘us’ as my son – Leo aged 11 read this together.

An innovative new immersive children’s reading experience – a book and augmented reality app that work together to create an entirely believable and compelling new universe

“A stellar futuristic tale” –Kirkus Reviews

“I wish I had IGIST growing up as a young girl excited by science. IGIST is a thrilling read that will inspire future generations to change the world.”
—McKenna Kardish, Harvard 2015 – Astrophysics

“I first gave it to my son to read: He loved it! He actually likes to read but is a pretty picky reader. He texted me from school during the day to tell me how much he loved the book!” —Science in the City

A story for children and teenagers age 10+ that champions science, curiosity and exploration and encourages children to find out more about the amazing world of science and technology.

Amazing IGIST launch events are taking place in the UKthroughout June including Edinburgh (June 10th), Nottingham (June 13th), Oxford (June 15th) and London (June 22nd).

A great read for STEM-interested girls as well as boys.The main character, Emi is driven by her desire to break barriers and get into the most renowned science academy in the universe. IGIST does for science what Hogwarts did for magic.

The book can be read on its own – or you can download a free app features amazing augmented reality that when pointed at the illustrations in the book, bring them to life! The app also contains reward badges, special activities and character information.

According to the one teacher on Earth who believed in her, Emi hadn’t a chance. The space academy

of her dreams was more than a reach. The Intergalactic Institute of Science and Technology (IGIST)

hadn’t admitted an Earthling for decades. The bygones left on Earth would lead a boring existence if,and only if, they were lucky enough to evade the plague.

Emi always thought she was different, not because her only friend growing up in Rockland was a

drone named Sadee, but because she was very determined to become a revered scientist like her

late mother. But even a passion for science and good old-fashioned grit could not prepare Emi for

the challenges that await in a wide, strange galaxy under the auspices of the Star League app.

Book cover

Rear cover of the book – showing the app and it’s uses

Our review –

Leo, aged 11 and I read the book – together, and enjoyed using the app along side it. You can read the physical book, however via the app you read and gain coins (points) that you can then use to exchange ‘purchase’ new profiles and gain badges & character information to embellish the story line.

In a move to work on Mars Emi and her father encounter a plague cloud and her father is killed, this makes her even more determined to get a place in I.G.I.S.T – The Intergalactic Institute of Science and Technology, despite everything that stands in her way.

After gaining entrance and I’ve the years Emi uses her background of her Mothers scientific knowledge and her Dad’s research skills to find an antidote for the plague that took her father from her.

The book is – Book 1 in a series – I haven’t found out how many Books feature, but I am sure L.S Larson can keep going with Emi’s discovery’s for 3-4 books or more.

The book and app work great together and enhance each other, we both like reading this together and talking about the storyline and characters.

To buy IGIST – 270 pages – with glossary for further explanation.

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