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It Ends At Midnight – Harriet Tyce

My thanks to Rosie Margesson for my copy of It Ends At Midnight by Harriet Tyce. Published by Wildfire Books an imprint of Headline Books on 14th April 2022.

Set between two decades, the 80’s where Sylvie moves schools and has to forge new friendships as a teen, this is hard enough but when Tess takes her under her wing, Sylvie is catapulted into the ‘popular girls’ crowd and life choices need making. And the present day, where Sylvie and Tess are still friends, but life gets in the way.

Sylvie is a solicitor, and good at it. Not only does she enjoy her job, she thrives on it. Wanting to hit the top of her game and become a judge. It Ends At Midnight Sees her presiding over a youth court, a tricky case. That manages to get worse.

Tess is experiencing a life changing situation and Sylvie feels obliged to agree, against her better judgement to help and make amends with a long lost stranger from their past. Flipping us back to 1989 When they were a foursome with boyfriends Stewart and Campbell in the heart of the city of Edinburgh where they all lived back then.

Back in the present day. Gareth, Sylvie’s part time lover/partner makes the perfect distraction, for her and she enjoys her time with him, their long distance relationship requires the use of FaceTime and imagination!

Harriet Tyce’s background of legal knowledge makes for the perfect setting in the courtroom and means that every situation could arise as being authentic. I love how her characters weave so plausibly around the story that it all comes together for the twist. And boy, you don’t want to miss this, it’s brilliant.

Compelling, twisty and dark. Excellent characters and sense of place. You could be in Edinburgh.

To buy It Ends At Midnight – preorder here from Bert’s Books –

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