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New Year Reading……2019 so far

So, the New Year started with a bang for me…. 2018 ended with the superbly written ‘Good Samaritians by Will Carver, Orenda Books – loved it! Murder, deception, lies, and that ending, WOW, oh my days, I gasped…..

So far, 2019 has brought ‘The Hunting Party’ by Lucy Foley via net galley on kindle. A trip to the Scottish Highlands for New Year, made all the more convincing, as I ironically read it, over New year. Miranda, Julien, Mark and Co have a high time, until the party ends in murder. But whos been killed and whos the murderer, this is not revealed until the very end. Well deserving of all the praise its receiving.

And an ARC copy of ‘Deep Dirty Truth’ by Steph Broadribb published by Karen Sullivan of Orenda Books – another step into the life of Bounty Hunter Lori Anderson – I raced through this book and am definitely in #TeamLori now. The fabulous descriptive detail of the Everglades and Lori and North escapes kept me turning the pages late into the night.

I now reading ‘The Puppet Show’ by M.W.Craven – for his #blogtour at the end of January read my review on 24th – it really is an addictive read and I don’t know about you, but I love a bit of gore and this book brings it ten fold.

Borrowed my daughters Stone circle homework

Ive also read ‘Shawdows of Regret’ by Ross Greenwood for his Blogtour starting 20th January 2019. A great read, really enjoyable and again, with a undercurrent of violence. Hosted by Caroline Vincent @BitsaboutBooks

See my review for this Blogtour on 22nd January

All books available at to purchase from Hive

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