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Once a Liar – A.F. Brady

My thanks to Isabel Smith of HQ Stories for inviting me on this blog tour for A.F.Brady’s second book.

Cheating, lying lawyer Peter Caine is guilty of many things – but he didn’t kill socialite Charlotte Doyle. And if he wants to avoid going down for the murder, he has to find out who did.

With everything on the line, Peter races to prove his innocence – and as the evidence against him mounts, hes forced to confront his own web of lies. But the truth of who killed Charlotte Doyle is more twisted than anyone could have imagined.

The Author:

A(Alex).F. Brady

I have been writing my whole life, and THE BLIND was my first novel. My second book, ONCE A LIAR, is available now from all your favorite retailers. 

A.F. Brady is a New York State Licensed Mental Health Counselor/Psychotherapist. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Brown University and two Masters degrees in Psychological Counseling from Columbia University.

She is a life-long New Yorker, and resides in Manhattan with her husband and their family.

My Review:

Once a Liar – is a hard-hitting, no holds barred story into the life of Peter Caine – a New York defense attorney – Peter who’s parents are dead to him in the lies he tells and the world he lives in, brought up at the mercy of his Aunt & Uncle he’s a cold, heartless, callous man, who has managed to lie and work his way to the top of a heap of equally manipulative men who’ve been charged with some of the most heinous crimes – rape, murder, you name it, he will defend them in court and paint them as a victim of hate campaigns and ill-treatment at the hands of the court and journalists.

Peter who’s parents are dead to him, in the lies he tells and the world he lives in, brought up at the mercy of his Aunt & Uncle. His own son a total stranger to him, needs to move in with Peter and longtime girl-friend Claire when Jamie’s Mother Juliette – Peter’s ex-wife and daughter of Marcus Rhodes – his Partner at Rhodes & Caine – Dies and he takes full custody of Jamie, aged 16, he’s not grown up with Peter and isnt too keen on doing so now.

During his career, Peter must have wracked up a number of enemies, any one of which would happily frame him for the murder of Charlie Doyle – his one-time lover – and stepdaughter of his arch-enemy DA Harrison Doyle.

He has to try and figure out, whatever way he can, who murdered Charlie and framed him. Can he do it before its too late?

This book goes between the ‘Then and ‘Now’ with each chapter, so timeline wise this means delving in and out of the plot. But its required as part of the story and gives its all until the very end page. A very well plotted and planned out book, sure to be enjoyed by fans of House of Cards – a dark devious tale sure to please many a reader.

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