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Orenda Books Roadshow Hungerford 7th March hosted by Hungerford Books

13 Authors – 4 Events – Orenda Roadshow – Great work

Karen Sullivan loves to find new authors, with fresh voices, who push genres in different directions, with their quirky beautiful writing, she wants goosebumps and with these authors, she has got all those things.

A packed evening of great minds, all in one room

What a great evening – 13 authors from several countries – Iceland, Finland, Germany, France, Norway and the UK – all introducing their books and then reading from them for roughly 1 minute, answering audience questions and still smiling by the end of the event.

From the 13 books on offer this evening, I have read Will Carver’s – Good Samaritans and loved it, Steph Broadbibb’s Deep Dirty Truth and been left astounded by the detail and plotline. And have dipped a toe in Matt Wesolwski’s previously published Six Stories but not Changeling, yet.

L-R Johana, West, Lilja, Thomas, Antti, Kjell and Karen Sullivan of Orenda Books

Karen introduced each Author and a short synopsis of their books: Right – left

Kjell Ola Dahl – “Shocking, special, eye-opening” of The Courier

Antti Tuomainen – “Baywatch meets Fargo, hilarious, the funniest writer in Europe”, translated for 29 countries of Palm Beach Finland

Thomas Enger from Norway – “Dark, socially relevant” of Inborn

Lilja Siguardardottir who is Icelandic – “A cat & Mouse tale” of Trap

West Camel – who’s Karen’s editor, snuck his manuscript into the submissions pile under a synonym and didnt admit it was his until eveyone in the office said they loved it – Attend

Johana Gustawsson – “Moving and emotive, TV rights have been sold” – Keeper

L-R Helen, Simone, Louise, Steph, Will, Louise, Matt (And Johana again)

Helen FitzGerald – an Australian living in Scotland – Author of The Cry, Worst-case Scenario is out in May

Simone Buchholz – German-born Simone has written an “Acerbic, humorous dark and quirky Police procedural book” – Beton Rouge

Louise Voss – “Twisty, thrilling, dark, psychological domestic Noir” The Old You

Steph Broadbibb – “Fast Paced and breathless” – Deep Dirty Truth

Will Carver – “Scorching, dark, sexy, divans, extraordinary and visceral” of the superb Good Samaritians

Louise Beech – “Emotive, extraordinary, a twisty dark plot” Call Me Star Girl

Matt Wesolowski – “Dark, imaginative, supernatural and fresh – film rights have been sold” of Changeling

Copied from my book review of Will Carver’s – Good Samaritians

I was hooked by page 9. This book has it all – death, trust, betrayal and lies that dig the murderer in deeper. A disturbing page tuner that I could not put down.

I actually gasped out loud and, realised I was sat with my mouth open, it’s that good. Do not ignore this book, thinking its full of do-gooders – it couldn’t be further away from that end of the scale.

Matt Wesolowski reading from the Changeling
Matt’s books – All published by Orenda Books
Helen Fitzgerald reading from her book – Worst Case Scenario

Steph Broadbibb reading from Deep Dirty Truth

Deep Dirty Truth The next installment into the life of bounty hunter Lori Anderson, fast-paced, rich in detail of the Florida Everglades and hugely enjoyable, I devoured this book.

My exciting Book Haul – I bought Call me Star Girl, Worst Case Scenario and Attend at the event, I already had the others.

Hosted by Hungerford Books, Orgainsed by Orenda Books.

My thanks to Karen Sullivan and Emma of Hungerford Books for organising this event, it was a great opportunity to meet you and your authors, other bloggers, and readers and be introduced to books, all of which I will read.

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