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Shed No tears – Caz Frear – Blog Tour Read

My thanks once again to Tracy Fenton of Compulsive Readers for inviting me to join the blog tour for Shed No Tears – by Caz Frear, published by Zaffre Books.

Four victims.
Killer caught.
Case closed . . . Or is it? 

Christopher Masters, known as ‘The Roommate Killer’, strangled three women over a two-week period in a London house in November 2012. Holly Kemp, his fourth victim, was never found.

Until now.

Her remains have been unearthed in a field in Cambridgeshire and DC Cat Kinsella and the major investigation team are called in, but immediately there are questions surrounding the manner of her death. And with Masters now dead, no one to answer them.

DCI Tessa Dyer, the lead on the 2012 case, lends the team a hand, as does DCI Steele’s old boss and mentor, the now retired Detective Chief Superintendent Oliver Cairns.

With Masters dead, Cat and the team have to investigate every lead again.


For fans of Cara Hunter and Lisa Jewell comes the latest gripping suspense from the #1 bestselling author of Sweet Little Lies.

If you haven’t discovered Caz Frear yet, you are in for a treat. She’s fast becoming one of my favourite writersShed No Tears is magnificentFiona Cummins

Raced through Shed No Tears. Another standout thriller from the phenomenal Caz Frear. Sharply written and expertly plotted, I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. Cannot wait for the next Cat Kinsella!, Chris Whitaker 

Our Author – Caz Frear

Caz Frear grew up in Coventry and spent her teenage years dreaming of moving to London and writing a novel. After fulfilling her first dream, it wasn’t until she moved back to Coventry thirteen years later that the writing dream finally came true. 
She has a first-class degree in History & Politics, which she’s put to enormous use over the years by working as a waitress, shop assistant, retail merchandiser and, for the past twelve years, a headhunter. 
When she’s not agonising over snappy dialogue or incisive prose, she can be found shouting at the TV when Arsenal are playing or holding court in the pub on topics she knows nothing about.

My Review – Shed No Tears

Shed No Tears is the third book in the series with DC Cat Kinsella and DS Luigi Parnell, but there’s enough background information to gain the knowledge required to read as a standalone, but I would if you can and I am sure you will if this is your first introduction to Cat, go forward and read Caz’s previous books – Sweet Little Lies and Stone Cold Heart because Kinsella is such a compelling character and Shed No Tears continues to let her grow and I really like her. The way the books are written takes you through her thought and the dialogue and story that follows, but you get every thought, like when you think thing but can’t say them out loud and this really works for me.

Holly Kemp went missing six years ago, she was seen at the time, on the door step of Christopher Masters, who was later identified as a murderer and branded ‘The Roommate Killer’ due to luring his victims round to his house on the premise of renting a room. Masters has since died, in Prison. but Holly’s body has just been found and the way she’s found brings Cat to think that it wasn’t Master’s doing after all.

Kinsella has to dig deep this time to uncover six years worth of witness memories, speaking to Holly’s friends, trying to reveal even the smallest new piece of information as to why she would have been in Clapham that day wanting to rent a room, when she had a flat already.

Cat Kinsella’s own family history intwines into the book and her background and her fathers dodgy dealings means she knew more about the criminal underworld well before becoming a police officer. She’s learnt to trust her instincts and knows for sure not to trust anyone.

Caz Frear manages to entrap her readers and keep the pace going from start to finish, expertly plotted, a brilliantly mesmerising trail of lies and deceit woven to cover up everyones guilt, of what really happened to Holly Kemp and what ever you think it was, it never is.

Highly recommended, Cat Kinsella is a enthralling character.

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