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Someone is Lying – Jenny Blackhurst – Blog tour

I would like to extend my thanks to Anne Cater, for as always organising an amazing blog tour for Jenny Blackhurt’s superb book published by Headline Someone is Lying carries the true Blackhurst style that we have all come to know and adore.


The chilling new psychological thriller from Jenny Blackhurst, the #1 eBook-bestselling author of How I Lost You. Full of unexpected twists, this is perfect for fans of Friend Request, Close to Home and The Guilty Wife.

It’s been a year since Erica Spencer died in a tragic accident at a party, and the community where she lived has moved on with their lives.
Everybody has secrets.

But someone thinks it wasn’t an accident. Someone thinks it was murder.

Some are worth killing for.

And when an anonymous podcast names six local suspects, shockwaves ripple through the neighbourhood. Before the podcast is over, the police will be opening more than one murder enquiry. Because someone is lying…

But who?

Praise for Jenny Blackhurst’s previous work

‘Utterly gripping’ Claire Mackintosh

‘Compelling, disturbing and thoroughly enjoyable’ Sharon Bolton

‘I loved it. Jenny is an evil genius’ Lisa Hall

Jenny Blackhurst grew up in Shropshire where she still lives with her husband and children. Growing up she spent hours reading and talking about crime novels – writing her own seemed like natural progression.

My Review:

I thoroughly enjoyed Someone is Lying the new book from Jenny Blackhurst.

When Erica, Jacks wife falls – or was she pushed to her death from a tree house, drunk and intoxicated, her neighbours, a group of rather intriguing characters, who’ve managed to be branded “The Severn Oaks Six’ – not by choice, named and shamed in a on-line Podcast by Andy Moon – But who is Andy Moon and how does he know the secrets of ‘The Six’ they all have a story and some thing to hide, plus possible motives to have murdered Erica.

The storyline has so twists and turns its like riding a bucking bronco, each and every character has a motive and yet a reason it wasnt them.

I found it very reminiscent of a program from a few years ago, character wise – which isnt a bad thing, as I loved that show – Desperate Housewives, and as for Terri Hatcher and co in the show, suburbia isn’t as dull as it may seem for the neighbours in Severn Oaks either.

Jack Spencer, widower of Erica, left to look after their two children, Max and Emily.

Karla and Marcus Kaplan – the cookery book queen and the self-help guru, husband and wife duo have a lot to lose, not just their celebrity status. Live with the troubled teen Brandon and his brother Zach.

Single mother – Felicity Goldman – and her twin girls Mollie and Amelie.

Peter and Mary-Beth King and their children.

Miranda and Alex Davenport – caustic humor carries their pressured marriage along with Charity and Logan their children who both know what buttons to push to get their own way too.

They all join together and listen in stunned silence each week to the podcasts and see what secrets Andy Moon will reveal about them for the world to know. Such revaltions can only cause further damage, but are they truths or unfounded lies, and how does this mysterious Andy Moon know all these stories about them?

A brilliantly twisty, dark book, detailing the lives of ‘The Severn Oaks Six’ in such a way that you begin to like the characters, but are not sure if you should, because it has to be one of them that killed Erica. To find out you’ll need to read Someone is Lying though, as I am not going to tell you who it is. Their secrets are safe with me.

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