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Songs In Ursa Major – Emma Brodie

Huge thanks to Jen Harlow at Harper Fiction for the invite to join this blog tour – I loved reading Songs in Ursa Major by Emma Brodie. Published on 24th June 2021.

Behind every greatest hit, is an even greater love story..

Our Author – Emma Brodie

EMMA BRODIE has worked in book publishing for a decade, most recently as an executive editor at Little, Brown’s Voracious imprint. She graduated from the Johns Hopkins University’s Writing Seminars program, and is a longtime contributor to HuffPost and a faculty member at Catapult. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband and their dog, Freddie Mercury.

My Review – Songs in Ursa Major

This book, I can’t lie, after reading the blurb, I had high hopes for it. And I was not disappointed. Songs in Ursa Major, a debut by Emma Brodie (an editor, so she knows her stuff). Hit even note on the score for me. I loved the characters, the scenery of the Island, the story – based upon the love story between Joni Mitchell and James Taylor. It just ticked every box.

Jane lives on Bayleen Island, with a blended family, her grandmother and aunt brought her up. After her Mum left. Her Mum wanted a music career and it didn’t work out and she couldn’t cope with that fact. Jane has the same affinity with music, she can pick up an instrument and with hours can play it perfectly, so with Rich, Kyle and Greg she forms a band. The Breakers – they play local bars and play at the local music festival. When top spot Jesse Reid is taken ill and can’t play, The Breakers are asked to step in, the crowd aren’t keen, until they start playing and then they too are cheering on. When Willy Lambert of Pegasus records walks into the Carousel and offers Jane a record deal, their futures are written into musical history.

Before they know it, The Breakers are on tour with Jesse Reid’s band and gaining their own fan base. During this time is when the love and intensity between Jesse and Jane grows and they can no longer deny the tension between them. But Jane beens warned about Jesse and wants to keep their tryst a secret, from fans and journalists, and more importantly her family. Jane’s right to be wary and when it all get too much, and the music isn’t enough, she has to go home, back to Bayleen.

Heartbreak gets turned into music and the songs become her own album – Songs In Ursa Major is born. The book screams summer and festivals. A true insight into the music industry, the sexism that Jane faced and the world around it, including drugs and the party lifestyle. It’s not as glamorous as its made out to be. This is a book for any music/band fan, with its feet firmly planted in rock n roll historical fiction.

Hugely enjoyable and highly recommended. More please!!

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