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The Chalk Man – C.J Tudor

Praise for The Chalk Man…

‘ I haven’t had a sleepless night due to a book for a long time. The Chalk Man changed that’ – Fiona Barton – Best selling Author of The Child.

‘If you like my stuff, you’ll like this’ – Stephen King (Yes, THE Stephen King!) 

That’s the thing with adults. Sometimes it doesn’t matter what you say; they only hear what they want to hear. As far as the Police were concerned, we were just kids playing in the woods who followed the chalk directions and stumbled over a body. “

I became totally immersed in this book,  I love the way Ed – the main character narrates the book and takes Fat Gave, Hoppo, Metal Mickey and Nicky with him through the chapters, dipping in and out of their teenage years from 1986 to present day 2016.  The book having begun when they were school friends.  They Spend their days idling away the hot summer holidays, days stretched into years that spill secrets and lies that bond them together.

All because an accident at the fair in 1986 brings strange happenings, teenage angst and lies that get twisted and passed around, making them worse. They may be friends, but should they trust each other?  Roll forward in 2016, Ed’s house-mate Chloe, seems to take in an extra interest in Mickey when he calls out of the blue.  Hoppo, Gav and Nicky when questioned by Ed all think its time, to tell the truth.  But will Ed agree and dig up his secrets too? 

By Ed narrating the book the way he does, the story migrates into Their parent’s lives – Ed’s Mum having previously worked in an abortion clinic brought its own problems and the preaching Reverend Martin, Nicky’s father has issues too. Should Nicky have spoken out about her father?    In 1986 a man of the cloth would never have done that to a child, would he?   They all become entwined and secrets long since thought buried in time come knocking at the door to be revealed.  And let out the bag they are.

I’m not sure I can say much more, I don’t want to be accused of SPOILERS – (which I very much dislike) – other than to say – you need to read this, believe the hype about it C.J Tudor’s debuts breaks the moulds and deserves this recognition. Its a truly enticing tale with many a twist.

‘You look after your friends Ed, Friends are everything’ 

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