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The Ex-Husband – Karen Hamilton

My thanks to Rosie Margesson, of Wildfire an imprint of Headline Publishing Group – who’s asked me to join this blog tour, for The Ex-Husband the third books by Karen Hamilton. Published on 19th August 2021.

The Woman in Cabin 10 meets Catch Me If You Can in this gripping new thriller from bestselling author of The Perfect Girlfriend Karen Hamilton.

A con-artist finds the roles are reversed when her former victim seeks revenge…

Charlotte Wilson didn’t choose a life of crime. It chose her. Once introduced to the world of wealthy clients and easy money by her ex-husband on board cruise ships, Charlotte was hooked. However, complacency and greed led to a slip-up with devastating consequences. Her ex winds up dead and Charlotte is threatened with exposure.

Attending a wedding party onboard another luxury cruise liner gives Charlotte the perfect guise to return to the scene of her original crimes on a Caribbean island, in order to retrieve hidden evidence. However, trapped out at sea, Charlotte realises that the person threatening her must also be on board. But who? A friend? Charlotte’s current lover? Ormaybe even her ex-husband’s fiancée?

Upon discovering the link between a past victim and her current tormentor, a horrified Charlotte finds the roles reversed – because it turns out that it really does take one to know one – unless she can pull off her biggest con yet by persuading them of her innocence.

Our Author – Karen Hamilton

Karen Hamilton spent her childhood in Angola, Zimbabwe, Belgium and Italy and worked as a flight attendant for many years. Karen is a recent graduate of the Faber Academy and, having now put down roots in Hampshire to raise her young family with her husband, she satisfies her wanderlust by exploring the world through her writing. Karen’s first novel, The Perfect Girlfriend, was a Sunday Times bestseller. The Last Wife is her last novel. The Ex-Husband is Karen’s third novel.

My Review – The Ex-Husband

This is Karens third book and each time they get better. Charlotte is a bit lost, until Sam walks into her life, he’s charming, sure of himself and has life plan, to take him and Charlotte to better things. The finer things in life, as Sam calls it and Charlotte wants in too.

Life onboard ship isn’t all glamour, especially for Sam and Charlotte, the hours are long, often barely seeing each other and they have to watch the guests spending their cash and flaunting their jewellery. It’s the life they want, to get them there he hatches a plan and make use of the facilities on the cruise ships they work on along the way. Empty suites, hot tubs, hotel bookings they know won’t get used till later, Sam also has friends all over in ports they call into and is always going off to sort out a favour here or there. Life becomes shady for Charlotte and she starts to distance herself from Sam and he from her, the shine has worn away.

Charlotte became part of the game Sam was playing, but he says the less she knew the better and so although she knew deep down what was going on, she didn’t know details and when at the end of one cruise, they disembark ship and Sam literally disappears, thats when Charlotte knows its over between them.

Charlotte has to go on alone and starts to rebuild her life, without Sam. Until he gets in touch again and then she’s the one hiding, trying to get away, from someone who’s trying to make her pay. But Charlotte has listened and learnt and she’s strong now, on her own, and can survive this, or she hopes so.

Fast Paced and full of twists, The Ex-Husband will keep you on your toes with its murder mysteryesque style of ship based crime. A ‘who’s doing this?’ style thriller. Another winner from the house of Hamilton, who’s revenge style of writing grabs your attention and builds tension along the way.

Please follow the rest of the blog tour for The Ex-Husband – A sure fire staycation holiday hit for 2021.

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