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The Fault by Kitty Sewell blog tour read – 28/8/19

My great thanks to Emma – #damppebbles for inviting me to review for this blog tour – Kitty Sewell’s The Fault, published by Honno Press.

Once inside The Rock there’s only one way out…
From the international bestselling author of Ice Trap

A chilling thriller set on Gibraltar – at the heart of The Rock are secret tunnels, hard to navigate and even harder to escape. Sebastian is a civil engineering prodigy and his latest project is his most ambitious to date: to build a new city on the sheerest face of The Rock. His fiancee, Eva, a diver, is entranced by the penisula’s hidden depths and concerned that her lover doesn’t push himself beyond human limits in his desire to see his dream realised. Mimi, still in her teens, is desperate to spread her wings and chafing at the limits placed on her movements by her overprotective older
brother. When Mimi gets into a relationship with a neighbour intent on fighting the new development, Sebastian’s precarious mental health spirals out of control putting them all in danger. When Mimi is lost amidst their twists and turns the race is on to find her before the water rises.

From the Rock there is no escape.

The Author:

Kitty Sewell was born in Sweden, and has had four successive nationalities, living in the Canary Islands, Central and South America, Canada, England, Wales and Spain where she now lives in the mountains of Andalucía. She is a successful sculptor, and bestselling author. Her books have been translated into 15 languages and she has been short-listed for the CWA New Blood Dagger Award, the Wales Book of the Year, Winner of the “People’s Choice” BBC Radio Wales Prize, and the Bertelsmann Book Clubs International Book of the Month. She also writes as Kitty Harri. With Honno she has published Ice Trap (2005, later bought by Simon & Schuster) and Hector’s Talent for Miracles (2007) as Kitty Harri.

My Review:

Firstly I feel an introduction to the characters may be helpful – theres three main charters Sebastian: A charming and very clever civil engineer with aspirations of building a bridge between Europe and Africa. A feat no one has managed so far.

Eva: Sebastian’s fiancee – A diving instructor, who’s past is marred and shady and she wants it that way, seeing Seb as an escape route. Even going on land to contact old friends via Spanish mobiles so she can’t be traced.

Mimi: Sebastian’s 17-year-old sister, an aspiring writer, whos care he has been entrusted with, he’s ‘overprotective’ and she finds this overbearing and resents this intrusion in her life, she pushes against this and styles herself as older and more independent, her friendship with a 40 something neighbour worries Sebastian to a point of frustration.

Kitty’s writing about the island, the tunnels and scenery are outstanding, an incredibly atmospheric and evoking book. She clearly also has a knowledge of diving and engineering and historical knowledge of the island.

This dark tale, twists around the characters and goes from each one chapter to chapter. Between how Sebastian and Eva met, how Mimi’s friendship with Carlo develops. Eva’s shady past, this all mingles with the storyline to create a deeply mysterious thriller. Sebastian’s ever-increasing threat of mental illness and migraines that leave him incapacitated. All this will make even the most stoic of readers keep turning the pages in this fast-paced book.

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