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The Killer in Me – by Olivia Kiernan #BlogBlast

I’d like to extend my Thanks to Milly Reid of River Run Books for this opportunity. I read Olivia’s Debut book “Too Close to Breathe‘ and adored it. so to get on this #Blogtour is very special to me. And of course, Thank you to Olivia Kiernan for writing another amazing installment in Frankie Sheena’s exploits in Dublin.

Old skeletons and fresh corpses confront DCS Frankie Sheehan in her latest Dublin-based case.

Detective Chief Superintendent Frankie Sheehan does not wish to linger on the grisly scene beforeher eyes. Two mutilated corpses. In a church. In Clontarf. Her profiling background screams one fact:this is just the beginning of a sickening message.

Meanwhile, a 17-year-old case is playing out on a TV documentary, the convicted professing his innocence and historical police errors being exposed daily in the media. Frankie’s superior, commissioner Donna Hegarty, makes no bones about who she expects to clean things up – both in terms of past mishandlings and the present murders.

But not everyone working the cases wants the truth to come out. And the corridors of power have their own vested interest. Soon Frankie pinpoints just what is making her so nervous: the fact that anyone could be the next victim when justice is the killer.

Olivia Kiernan is an Irish writer living in the UK. She was born and raised in County Meath, near the famed heritage town of Kells andholds an MA in Creative Writing awarded by the University of Sussex.The Killer In Me is her second novel.

My Review:

We met DCS Frankie Sheenan, knee deep and wading through bureaucracy with a commissioner breathing down her neck and the worry that budgets can be cut at any time. Frankie’s partner Barry Harwood aka Baz and Frankie very soon find themselves with a triple murder inquiry to solve – with little in the way of clues or suspects.

Any one questioned seems reluctant to give away too much information, including a Priest, for fear of breaking his vow of ‘confessions’ made staying only with him, including some extra information that’s vital to the case, despite this being a Murder enquiry, with the killer still on the lose.

The possible involvement of a freshly released convict, Sean Hennessy , who’s trying to overturn his conviction of 17 years to prove he did not murder his parents, with Tanya, a hotshot defense lawyer and Frankies Sister in Law helping him. Frankie can see that the evidence used against him, is negligible, that its flawed and that the Police dealing with the case at the time sought to imprison Sean Hennessey for a result, one of them being Jack Clancy – now the Assistant Commissioner. But by helping Tanya prove this, she could end up losing her job in lieu of a huge payout. Something she knows she cant let happen.

If you’ve read Olivia’s debut novel Too Close to Breathe then you’ve ‘met’ Detective Chief Superintendent Frankie Sheenan before. She’s tenacious, feisty, strong in mind and will, and ahead of her game – a female DCS for one and one that’s running The Burea of Serious Crime, four districts of the Gardai’s finest detectives in Dublin. You know she’s not going to let Sean, Tanya, Father Healy or anyone else stand in the way of finding out and revealing the truth. I found myself unsure who was breathing heavier at one point, Frankie or me, the detail that Olivia adds creates such an atmosphere of tension, like I was almost there on the beach with Frankie, the sound of the sea crashing around us. The way that Frankie visualises the murder scenes in her mind and pictures the victims, the smells, is a real talent and one that only adds to the plot for me.

Even if you haven’t, read Olivia’s Debut novel Too Close to Breathe I’m sure after reading The Killer In Me, you will soon find yourself with your head in the pages of Too Close to Breathe you will very soon have a good idea of Frankie and Baz’s partnership and how well they work together, covering each others backs (and arses) to solve these murders and save the Burea.

A truly fantastic book that all Crime thriller fans need to read.

To order the ebook available from 4/4/2019:–The-most-gripping-thriller-of-2019/23654578

And to purchase the book – Hardback ––The-most-gripping-thriller-of-2019/23349310

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