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The Lingering – SJI Holliday

Thank you Karen @Orendabooks for sending me this dark delicacy hard copy, a real triumph in the supernatural world.  Publication date:  15th November 2018

Set in an disused former psychiatric hospital, The Rosalind House community Project is now home to several residents who crave the peace and tranquility of a self-sufficient commune. Growing thier own crops and learning new ways to live without other human contact. Established by Smeaton Dunsmore to “Bring in the Light’ their ‘Family’ is joined by Jack and Ali – who need to get away, for a Fresh start.  The use of mobile phones, the internet, drugs, alcohol, TV, radio, and contact with friends and family is ‘not advised’.  ‘Respect the House and live in peace.  Bring in the Dark and live with the consequences’ are Smeatons guidelines to life at Rosalind House.

From the outset, Jack and Ali bring with them an energy that upsets the calm and peace of the House, and the nearby village.  As the story develops and it does so quickly, weaving in the local History of the grounds and then the stories from the Hospital.  Jack, who initially is reluctant quickly seems to fit in whereas Ali is more guarded and tries to avoid becoming friends, especially with Fairy Angela, whose stories of ghosts firstly upset and then annoy Ali.

A fast-paced modern-day spookfest is hidden behind witches, ghosts, and paranoia. I was totally submerged within the first 10 pages and loved every bit of this book.  The characters are believable and surprisingly likable, each chapter seen from a characters perspective – Ali, Jack, Smeaton, Ford, Angela, and Dr Henry Baldock’s Journal entries from 1955, when he went undercover to report on the mistreatment, reportedly taking place at the Hospital, his findings feature and take the story through from the 1500’s to the current day where life has blurred with cold case crimes.  We’ve all heard spooky stories, but this one will stay with you.

Even disbelievers of all things ghoulish will be drawn in and like me be left with goosebumps. All hail Susi Holliday – She’s done it again. 5 spooky stars from me.

Pre-order here and contribute to your local high street Book Shop at the same time.  Publication date 15th November 2018

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