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The Secret Santa – Trish Harnetiaux – Blog Tour

I’d like to thank Rachel Kennedy of Arrow & Century Publishing – for asking me to join this festive blog tour for The Secret SantaTrish Harnetiaux’s debut.

This fun and outrageous seasonal thriller is the perfect mix of Big Little Liars and Cluedo set at Christmas time.


When an international pop starlet rolls into town looking to buy the most expensive house on the market, struggling real estate agents and husband and wife duo Claudine and Henry think their terrible luck has finally turned. 

The mysterious mansion has hidden secrets, and Claudine and Henry’s survival depends on no one finding out the truth about what really happened there. In a desperate move to secure the sale, Claudine decides to bury the house’s dark past and show it at its best – by inviting the singer to a lavish holiday party hosted inside the majestic mountainside mansion. 

But when a murder weapon turns up as part of the party’s game of Secret Santa, Claudine’s carefully curated lie and the lives of all the party goers is threatened as they race to find the killer before they can strike again.

How far will Claudine go to protect her secrets? Is she prepared to kill to make a killing, or will she fall prey herself?

Our Author:

The Secret Santa is Trish Harnetiaux’s debut novel. She is a Brooklyn-based playwright whose published works include Tin Cat Shoes, How To Get Into Buildings, and If You Can Get To Buffalo
Follow her on Twitter @TrishHarnetiaux #TheSecretSanta

My Review:

Zara a popstar hitting the highs, the celeb everyone wants to be seen with right now, to be sure of buying the best house she can shes called Claudine Calhoun to buy a house in Aspen, to escape California and the chaos, she seeks calm.

Is the house, designed by Claudine’s Husband Henry, is Aspen going to bring what she wants and craves right now, after a high profile romance goes bust. Invited by Claudine to see Montague house at its best – in full Christmas Party swing, Zara is heading in the heavy snowfall to the Calhoun & Calhoun Christmas Party – an exclusive, invite-only event, legendary amongst employees, townsfolk and guests.

Will everyones Secret Santa gifts be the desired object of the night?

Will more than just Santa’s secrets get told and will Zara find what she’s looking for?

A fun, festive and chilling read !

Secret Santa  

Trish Harnetiaux 

Arrow Publishing

Published in eBook – 1st October 2019, 4.99

Paperback – 31st October , £7.99

Pre-order here:–Its-beginning-to-look-a-lot-like-murder/24490306

@trishharnetiaux @Rachel90Kennedy @arrowpublishing #TheSecretSanta

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