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The Shadow In The Glass – JJA Harwood

Thank you to sharper Voyager for inviting me to be part of the blog tour for The Shadow In The Glass. By JJA Harwood.

Eleanor Rose Hartley had been saved, by Mrs Pembroke , she was being brought up as a young lady and had all she required, pretty dresses an education and being taught how to behave and act as a young lady should. Until Mrs Pembroke’s untimely death, which sees Ella being set to work in the house she formerly knew as home. Now a housemaid like the others who work there.

Except having been brought up with Charles Pembroke, the masters son, Mr Pembroke has a duty to Ella and she will not let that duty be taken advantage of. However a sudden death brings about a dark eyed stranger and one that brings Ella a choice.

Should she make the wishes she’s promised will come true and dice with the devil? A sumptuous glimpse into a dark fairytale of a bygone age.

Ella would love to have the silks, fine foods, a real bed, dresses and opportunities back she once knew, instead of scrubbing the floors till her hands bled. But is she willing to exchange one life for another when she knows the price?

A fairytale with a dark twist in its tale. A Victorian era that makes ladies or waifs and no one in between can help Ella.

Please follow the rest of my fellow bloggers on the tour for The Shadow In The Glass.

To pre-order – out 17/3/22

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