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The Tail of Mum, Dad And A Dog Called Rupert

Rupert the rescue dog has a happy life in London with his owners, Mum and Dad, until, suddenly on an otherwise ordinary morning, his dad disappears. 

Try as he might, Rupert just doesn’t understand where Dad has gone, or why.

An endearing story of love and loss told through the eyes of a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, with characterful illustrations helping to bring his world to life.

Nell, who enjoyed reading about Rupert.

Our Author – Helen Moorish

After the sudden death of her husband, realizing with a jolt that life really was too short, Helen Morrish left her job as an art director to pursue a long-held dream of becoming an artist. To help her through her grief, she spent five minutes every day drawing their beloved dog, Rupert, and these are the illustrations that have evolved into her debut book.

Helen also runs her own creative company and in her spare time she likes nothing more than to perform her stand up at comedy clubs. She has a huge collection of Sindy dolls, which she art directs shoots with, and her ideal Saturday night is to watch a good horror film and dance to the 1980s! She describes her house as a homage to all things kitsch.

Our review – Mine and Nell’sThe Tail of Mum, Dad and a dog called Rupert

This book is wrier from the point of view, of Rupert the Staffy/Spaniel/Maltese mix dog. He loves his life living with his human parents, who adopted him from a dogs home. Rupert describes how he loves to play, sleep and eat carrots and as a treat Peanut Butter. The graphics in the book, we later find are how Helen, the author, soothed her grief after the sudden loss of her husband. And what brought this story to life, about how Rupert felt the loss of his owner suddenly going missing and felt that he was to blame for him leaving. It’s a sad but warming tale of how Rupert helped his human Mum get through the sad days.

I notice this is Part 1 – of Rupert adventures, and think Rupert will become a firm favourite with lots of younger readers, who perhaps may have feelings of loss and sadness and will help them realise, that one day they will feel happy again, like Rupert found happiness after being badly treated and being in the dogs home, he found love again. Its a heart warming story, with a real reason for being written.

Nell likes the illustrations, even though it was sad, she found that because Rupert was happy, she felt ok about him that he would be happy again after being sad. Its real life and she knows this is the cycle that takes time to make happen.

Nell showed Cooper the pictures of Rupert, he liked the book too.

To buy a copy – click here – @helenmbooks @RandomTTours #RupertsBook

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