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Vlad And The Roman Triumph

Thank you Anne Cater of Random Things Tours for allowing Nell, aged 9 to read and review Vlad And The Roman Triumph by Kate and Sam Cunningham. Published by Reading Riddle.

Vlad flea has been brought from Egypt by Cleopatra’s children. He is meant to be taking part in a Triumph for the Emperor Augustus, but gets lost in the streets of Rome, where he sees what life is like in his new home.

Vlad flea is back with another history adventure. Join him and his friend, Felix the cat, as they explore ancient Rome.

They are meant to be part of the Emperor’s Triumph, but become lost in their new city and are in danger of being over-shadowed by a monster which is destined for Octavian’s museum.

From the team that created the Flea in History series, this is an adventure story with information woven into the tale. Young readers will see all ranks of Romans, living their daily lives and joining in the celebrations.

With a fact file and 32 pages of colour illustrations this book tells the story of Octavian’s Triumph as narrated by Vlad.
Each page is full detail, and teaching materials and parent packs can be downloaded for free from the Reading Riddle website.

Aimed at 5-10 year olds, this books are fun and inclusive. Factual and interesting. written by Kate Cunningham & illustrated by Sam Cunningham.

Nell’s Review – Vlad And The Roman Trimuph.

Nell has recently worked on Roman’s at school so was keen to read this book.

Nell said that the book had good and loved the colourful illustrations, the story was fun as Vlad the Flea was telling it and so you saw what he and Felix the cat who he was hitching a ride on saw.

A page from Vlad And The Roman Triumph

She didn’t know the Cleopatra had twins, so found this interesting. She liked the Latin and modern day words at the back, like a glossary.

She thought the picture of Blastus doing a wee was funny and this led to me going to the ‘Fact File’ at the back to explain how wee was used as a bleach back then. Which she thought was yucky and produced an ‘yeww’ sound. I have to agree.

We both feel these books would be fun to have at school, and the teachers could use the further resources available for classes.

Available from

Thank you Nell, for helping me with this review, it’s been fun reading this book together.

There are more titles in the series –

Vlad And The great Fore Of London

Vlad And The First World War

Vlad And Tutankhamen’s Tomb

Which you can buy for home use or again would back up school work.

More from Nell soon.

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