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#You Too – Candy Denman

I’d like to extend my thanks to Anne Cater for inviting me to join this blog tour – and by doing so, introducing me to the author – Candy Denman – Its been a pleasure to read #You Too – a thoroughly engrossing and compelling read.

A partner in a successful law firm in the seaside town of Hastings dies when his penchant for erotic auto-asphyxiation apparently goes too far. The head of the Crown Prosecution Service in E Sussex is photographed drunk and undressed at a well-known dogging location. A corporate lawyer in a city finance company is found drugged and drowned in his employer s swimming pool. What is the connection between these bizarre incidents and have they been deliberately set up?

Dr Jo Hughes is convinced that there is a connection, even if the police do not agree. As she searches for the reason behind the deaths and attacks, she begins to realise that there will be more, and that Detective Inspector Steve Miller may well be the next victim.

About the Author:

Candy Denman is a Crime and TV script writer of programmes such as The Bill, Heartbeat and Doctors. Author of the Dr Jocasta Hughes crime series set in Hastings. Body Heat and Dead Pretty#You Too is her third book in the Jocasta Hughes book series.

I thoroughly enjoyed #You Too – It had me from the very first page and the fantastic story line kept me totally engrossed. A Superb account of how a doctor integrates into the world of Police Procedural and crime scenes, was it suicide or murder – that is for Jo Hughes to think about and highlight the what if’s to DI Steve Miller.

We find Jo being woken by a call to attend a crime scene and confirm the victim is indeed no longer with us. She confirms death, but the victim is a well know solicitor and it sets about a domino effect of similar deaths, and humiliation with similar victims – their backgrounds seem interlinked – but there are no direct links other than very slight possibility that Giles Townsend was reported for sexual assault to the SDA where Adrian Cole worked. Judge Doreen Ponting was found unconscious and photographed naked in an area known locally for certain evening activity that she denies knowing about and a mysterious female friend cannot be traced and John Dixon’s apparent faint in a gay sauna brings nothing but shame on his family – these all add up to one thing – they were assisted – but by who or whom?

Foul play is clearly at work here, someone is out to humiliate those involved and they’re families and colleagues, but why? and of course, by solving why, we find out who.

Jocasta Hughes and Candy Denman are both new to me, but I endeavor to read her two previous books. Jo is a brilliant character and the story weaves in her life at the GP surgery she works at and her outside life that not only shows her non-public persona of a normal person and that we can have one too many and head off into work with a raging headache the next morning, but also that GP’s can branch out and do Police work, and I don’t blame Jo for wanting to continue doing this job, even if she’s sometimes exhausted – its certainly interesting and she has met some fab people along the way – such as Jim – the pathology assistant and Billy Iqbal who becomes Jo’s love interest and best friend Kate is truly everything what a best friend should be.

Brilliant, just brilliant, the whole book is just so good, the story line and the twist, and one that has so many parts to it too, and it all adds up, in such a fantasitc way. Candy Denman – will now be a go to for me eveytime.

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  • Paperback: 360 pages
  • Publisher: Crime Scene Books (2 May 2019)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1912563142
  • ISBN-13: 978-1912563142

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